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Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm Audrey, a Hong Konger-Torontonian. I grew up in Hong Kong and came to Toronto, Canada for university. I graduated last year and is now working in Toronto. Growing up, Cantopop -- or HK pop has been an inseparable part of my life, as it likely is for anyone... Continue Reading →

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The dream quartet: C AllStar is back!

If you haven't heard of C AllStar, they are a Hong Kong music group consisted of 4 execptional male singers -- King Wu (吳崇銘), On Chan (陳健安), Andy Leung (梁釗峰), Jase Ho (何建曦). Formed in 2009, C AllStar is beloved among Hong Kongers. Not only do the 4 stars each have unique voices, their bromance... Continue Reading →

Karaoke Duets You Should Try With Friends

What's more fun than singing in karaoke? Singing duets together in karaoke! Here are some suggestions for you to try with friends. 1. Stephy Tang, Alex Fong -- Perfect Love (鄧麗欣 方力申 - 十分.愛) 分手後一分鐘 便有後悔聲音 fen sau hau yat fen zhong, bin yau hau fooi sing yam能傷我最深的人 應得我心neng seung ngoh jui sam dik yan, ying dak... Continue Reading →

Top 5 HK Love Songs 2020

Love songs are arguably the all-time favorite category within HK pop. They almost always come first on lists of top hits. And, for some reason, the top ones are often sad songs. Maybe we resonate more with "break up" themes than "happily ever after" ones. But a more likely reason, I think, is the rush... Continue Reading →

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